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Feeling better in the New Year

Date: February 10, 2018 | By Sharon Morgan, CNC

Do you want to lose weight? Do you want more energy? Are you having a hard time sleeping? Do you struggle with anxiety or depression? Do your joints pop and your muscles hurt? Have your issues with burping and gas gone beyond the secret family joke? Do you find you need coffee to wake up in the morning, yet could use a nap by 2 p.m.?

We talk to people all the time that are looking for answers. They are looking for a way to feel better. The problem is that everywhere you turn, someone has advice to give. Multi-level marketing companies and advertisements say that their product is your answer. Greataunt so-n-so knows all about your problem. She knows who had it worse than you and can even describe how much you will suffer. You know of someone who tried going off all gluten foods and felt better. So, you tried it, too, and it didn’t seem to help, or did it? The next door neighbor found relief taking vitamin D. You’ve been doing that for a while, too, but unfortunately discovered that if a person takes vitamin D2 instead of vitamin D3 that the synthetic form has the potential of putting a strain on your liver. Is that why your hair is falling out? Sometimes it all seems so confusing! How long should you try something? What kind of form of vitamin is the best one to try? How do you know when it is helping?

Here at the King’s Pantry we seek to provide support, education and guidance as you look to make nutritional decisions about your health. We ask people to fill out a welcome packet detailing their medical history, symptoms and diet. We requisition comprehensive blood work (approximately 42 tests) on your behalf and together over a nutritional exam on the phone we compare the blood work results with your symptoms, your medicine, your current supplementation, your diet, and even your body care in order to put together a bigger picture.

It is not our goal to simply tell you what you should or shouldn’t do. It is our hope to help you understand why things affect you the way they do. We help you ask yourself, “What is my body trying to tell me and is there anything that I can do about it?”

The blood work costs only $139 and one can have their blood drawn all over the country. Once you pay for the blood work, have your blood drawn at one of the designated labs and return the extensive questionnaire in your welcome packet, we will schedule your nutritional exam. This phone consultation lasts for a couple hours and we discuss your unique set of symptoms and issues and help you as you learn to understand yourself. The nutritional exam is $75. After the consultation is over, if you choose to work with us, your phone appointments for the next three months are free and, in exchange for our time and guidance, we ask that you buy your supplements from us.

Our success rate dramatically increased when we offered to keep in touch with our clients for free. Not only did it help us to identify potential problems quickly, it helped us to see, firsthand, the positive results of specific nutritional support , so that we could learn from it and use the knowledge to help others. After three months, we like to run a second blood work panel so you can see for yourself, “Did I make a difference in my health? Should I continue? What got better? What should I focus on next?”

We may or may not have the answers that you need. But, there is one thing that we seek to do. We seek to walk with you so that you don’t have to walk alone. We hope to give you knowledge so that you can feel confident and at peace with your choices.

Sharon and her husband Ken, own King’s Pantry in Hale. They provide nutritional counseling and patient advocate services to help people regain control of their health choices. If you have any questions regarding this article please stop into the King’s Pantry store. See the accompanying ad for store hours and contact information.

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